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Tales of the road

A fun trip with the people and places on the Baja peninsula 🇲🇽 

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Beaches and buddy's

After five weeks in LA Paz I got visited by a couple Okanagan friends. We kicked around downtown La Paz for a few days and got to find...

Checklist needed. Love La Paz

On the morning of January 4th I packed up my camp in Loreto after about five weeks in this nice town of about fifteen thousand. I had...

The Baja people

It's been almost two months since I hit the road and I've stopped at several Baja towns and villages. Not once have I seen a homeless...


When I was in Guerrero Negro I went out for dinner for the first time on my trip. I went to Mario's a restaurant at the campsite I was at....

On the road

The trip from San Felipe to Ganzaga Bay (150k) was beautiful nice highway 5 along the Sea of Cortez. I stayed a couple days and it was...

Night and Day

It's hard to wake up in a bad mood here. Every morning the sun is shining and the sea is calm. I have less than a week left here in San...

Limping into San Felipe

Our day started early. I drove over to to other side of this massive RV park to pick Harry up at 5am. When we got back to my place a few...

Talking Turkey

Wow let's talk Turkey. My buddy Laverne and me went turkey hunting over at the Christian Valley last October. Had a fun hunt but...

Buba shrimp

Shrimp boats. Sorry for the quality they are far away from my shoreline camp. Penticton has Peachfest, Campbell River had Salmonfest and...

A fish that fed many

So day 12 here in San Filipe and I see clouds for the first time. The sea is calm as glass this morning and while having coffee out on my...

What day is it anyway?

Started off the last two days thinking it was Friday. Oh well. Starting to know my way around town and where to go to get things. Found a...

Trip musings

The road rolled out like a welcome matt. It was an easy drive. Left Tuesday afternoon and arrived in San Filipe on Friday about 3pm....

Count down!

Only 15 days till I hit the road. I'll start posting around the 15th and will definitely be posting from Mexico around Oct. 25th.

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