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When I was in Guerrero Negro I went out for dinner for the first time on my trip. I went to Mario's a restaurant at the campsite I was at. Waitress figured out I wanted the seafood combo. First came some kind of fish soup along with guacamole and chips and of course salsa. A few moments later my first margarita since I've been here arrived. About fifteen minutes later the main course came along. It was rice and veggies with scallops (breaded so good) halibut, prawns and lobster. Guerrero Negro is on the Pacific shoreline and fresh seafood is plentiful. What an awesome meal. I ended up by having another margarita and calling it a night. Don't know how they do it. The meal was 20 cdn and the margaritas were two for 5 bucks. I left a nice tip and thought I should go out for dinner more.

Tonight I cooked up one of the Trigger fish I caught near Pennekstoes a small fishing village 80 kilometers south of San Felipe. If you like sea food and fish the Baja is a great place.

Fish and chips. The nice thing about Trigger fish aside from how tasty they are is they have almost no bones. The filets are all white flacky meat. I put Greek spice on them and cook them in my air fryer. I love fishing here cause you never know what you hook. Red Snapper, halibut, Trigger fish, Crocker fish and Corvena are all common. As I get further south the Dorado and Yellowfin tuna are in season come December.

Today I looked around town. The climate here is perfect. Far enough south it doesn't get real cold at night.

Free camping on the beach at the mouth of the river where it hits the Sea of Cortez.

Houses along the river. Most houses in this town are very nice by small Mexican town standards. Farmers must be doing well.

Nice camp, has power and water but no sewer. Very shady during the day when it is about 28 degrees or 80 in US temperatures. My black and Grey water tanks are good for days on end. The camp has a sani station I can use before leaving. Some sites have sewer but not all.

Good size river for the Baja. Very lush around here. I think the hurricane last September damaged the beach. It used to have more sand. Decided to head to Loreto the day after tomorrow because I'm low on cash and there is no bank here. Good thing I have about forty liters of gas in the gas container in back of my truck. I'll fill my truck from that before leaving. There is only one gas pump un this town and it is not very accessible. I went by today and it looked like they were out of gas. Speaking of gas I'm very happy with the performance of my truck. Towing my trailer I've been averaging 15 liters per hundred kilometers which I never get towing around the mountains in BC. At home I'm more like 22 liters per hundred k. See you all in a few days. I'll be meeting up with my old buddy Grant Morgan in Loreto. He arrives Dec 3rd. Should be a blast.

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