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A fish that fed many

So day 12 here in San Filipe and I see clouds for the first time. The sea is calm as glass this morning and while having coffee out on my little patio area a Sea Lion droped by and poked his head up looking straight at me only a few feet from shore. The tide was in so he was quite close. He sat there looking at me for a bit. I told him good morning nice of you to stop by and to have a great day. He staired at me for a minute more than went on about his day. I have met many people these last twelve days and one thing all the Canadians have in common is they are here to escape winter and the high cost of living in Canada. I get that. Your pension goes much further here. The day beforre yesterday I met Raul. He lived in Alabama for two years and can speak english perfectly. He has a nineteen foot fishing boat and offered to take me out and show me where and how to fish here. He took me to several spots they regularily catch fish and showed me how to rig up my rod to mooch for Crocker fish. I was quite surprised when at about a mile or so off shore the water was only sixty to seventy feet deep. That's why the water is so warm here. the splashes from the boat hitting me were like luke warm bath water.

Raul caught most of the fish. I took the biggest one home to filet and cook in butter and garlic. I set the fish in water in my outdoor sink on the trailer and went over to the clubhouse to watch the Astros vs Phillies baseball game. When I got home the fish was consumed, all that was remaining was the head. The stray cats at the RV park had a great meal on my fish. Oh well live and learn. I ran into Raul the next morning and told him about the cats and the fish. He nearly fell off his chair laughing. Raul and me and a fellow I met from Kelowna here at the park are going to tow the boat about an hour and a half south of here on Thursday to fish for Dorado (Mahi Mahi). Raul tells me there are plenty of them down there. I won't make the mistake of leaving anything I bring home from that trip outside. It is amazing how you become good friends quickly on the road. Harry and I have become good buds. He is a gentle giant of a guy. Six foot five tall and around two hundred seventy five pounds with no fat on the man. He will join me and Raul on the Dorado fishing trip. Time to get on with my day. Found a laundry up town and they wash and iron your stuff for a few pesos. Harry tells me they even iron your underware.

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