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Beaches and buddy's

After five weeks in LA Paz I got visited by a couple Okanagan friends. We kicked around downtown La Paz for a few days and got to find some nice places to get beach time. Gary stayed in the heart of downtown La Paz. Right beside the bus depot. Right on the Malacon. (beach walk way). He got off the bus walked around the corner into the lobby of this little boutique hotel. It was very basic (and noisy) but talk about location. For forty bucks a night he put up with the short comings. I hadn't spent time downtown at night before Gary and Rick arrived. I really like how incredibly active it is on a Saturday night. Reminds me of Penticton in the nineteen seventies. Hod rods and nice trucks cruising along slow enough to let pedestrians mingle through to the beach or the bars. In LA Paz the Malacon is about 4 or 5 kilometers but it's about a kilometer downtown where everyone gathers. So many restaurants/bars and most of them busy. Not so much with tourists but with Mexican locals.

There is still Sears here. Big store downtown and another at a mall about seven kilometers away. The mall parking lot is full of shoppers, busy on a Tuesday afternoon. People seem to be doing well in LA Paz. My ride service driver, Carlos informed me the population of La Paz is about five hundred thousand. Nice clean city.

We went out and found a beach with access off the highway that would prevent most people that didn't have a four by four.

My new non-propane BBQ. They use Mesquite to BBQ here. It smells so good and gives your food a nice flavor. A super afternoon of food and chilling at a beach we had all to ourselves. About five we headed back toward La Paz and decided to stop at a beach bar about a kilometer from where we were.

What an awesome stop on our way back downtown for dinner. No shortage of interesting beaches starting just a five minute drive from downtown all the way to a thirty five minute drive. Several allow camping on the beach. Both Gary and Rick headed home last week. Adios Amigos enjoyed 😎

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