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On the road

The trip from San Felipe to Ganzaga Bay (150k) was beautiful nice highway 5 along the Sea of Cortez.

I stayed a couple days and it was beautiful but a little to windy for kayak fishing. The day I left it was very windy.

Next stop Guerrero Negro. About 220k down the road. Highway 5 intersects highway 1 about 195k from Guerrero Negro. Highway 1 is much different than highway 5. It is narrow and no shoulder on the right. Just a three foot drop to the desert. With my trailer I like to stay around 75 to 80k. I'm not in a hurry on these roads while towing.

Arrived at Mulege, pronounced moo-la-hey yesterday. Very nice village. 3800 population so not bad. No bank in town.

Lots of orange trees at the campsite. Beautiful place with full hookups including internet that works in my trailer for 20 buck cdn a day.

More pictures from around Mulege tomorrow. I'm here for a week.

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