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Talking Turkey

Wow let's talk Turkey. My buddy Laverne and me went turkey hunting over at the Christian Valley last October. Had a fun hunt but unfortunitly couldn't get close enough to the big Tom and his brood to get ourselves a Thanksgiving bird. Fast forward a year and in October I leave for Mexico. I packed up carefully remember almost everything I needed for the trip. Only left one cast iron frying pan behind. So the day beore yesterday I was looking for a pllace to put some important papers and low and behold I come accross a box of onne hundred twelve gauge shotgun shells. I had crossed two international boardes with someting that could of landed me in a whole lot of trouble. Including a search of my trailer at the Mexician boarder. One of the people I met here had me over yesterday and I felt I knew him well enough That I could ask what I should do. I had been thinking about turning them over to the police but Rick old me that was a bad idea. I could get a 5000 US dollar fine and four days in jail also Mexician lawyer fees and possibily my trailer and truck impounded. The owner of the codo place where Rick lives a fellow named Mike piped up and said perhaps he could help me dispose of them. He had a friend that shoots skeet and would phone and see if he wanted the shells. The guy wanted them. I drove to my trailer then back accross town with the shells in a shopping bag. I was a little freaked out. I gave the shells to Mike then had a quick beer with Rick and we both had a good laugh about it. Last night the Shrimp fest started and Harry and I went down about five o'clock. It is kinda like Peachfest with kitty rides and gambling games where you get big stuffy toy prizes. But they not only have food booths but Tequila and Pina Colata and booths with peoplle selling all kinds of wears even real estate. Big stage with entertainment going long into the night.

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