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The Baja people

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

It's been almost two months since I hit the road and I've stopped at several Baja towns and villages. Not once have I seen a homeless camp or people drugged out. No one begging in the streets. The poor here are resourceful. When I park on the street or in a supermarket I get approached by mostly young men but the odd guy my age to wash my truck. I'll go do whatever I parked for and when I get back my truck is squeaky clean. The cleaner guy has a big smile on their face proud of their work and happy to have served you. The going rate for this great work is 50 pesos. About three bucks cdn. I always pay 75 pesos because they do such a good job. Other struggling people sell fruit and vegetables on the roadside. All these people seem happy and greet me with a smile and warmth. Not knowing each others language isn't a problem.

Driving on the other hand is very different. More people running stop signs than the old farts in Summerland. You really have to drive defensive. There are sometime just three stop signs at a four way intersection. Sometimes stop signs in the middle of a block. Big speed bumps at places that it surprises you. Most bumps are painted yellow but some are not. When out on the highway slow and easy is the way to go. I keep it to seventy to eighty kilometers. You can be driving along the highway in the desert the middle of nowhere and there will be a speed sign indicating forty clicks an hour. You might not see another speed sign for fifty clicks, what???

All of the campsites I've been at have been safe and clean. It is unbelievable how many RV'ers are from BC. I'm met so many nice people.

A few pictures from around Loreto. My old buddy Grant Morgan from Victoria flew in last Sunday. We've been hanging out and going to happy hour (5 to 8) at Augies bar and bait shop where appies are free and Margaret's are sixty pesos.

I almost forgot one important thing. My cost to stay at Rivera Del Mar with full hook-ups and half way decent Wi-fi in my trailer is three hundred fifty cdn a month. Just over eleven bucks a day. They have clean showers and bathrooms plus a laundry room with several nice washers and dryers for thirty pesos a load. Also nice huge pagoda with BBQ and tables used mostly by people tent camping. 😊

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