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Trip musings

The road rolled out like a welcome matt. It was an easy drive. Left Tuesday afternoon and arrived in San Filipe on Friday about 3pm. Once I got to Otario, Oragon I crossed the Idaho state line and almost immediately took an exit onto highway 95 south. 95 south took me all the way to Blythe Calafornia. After that it was just a short 2 hour drive to the border crossing at Calexco Ca. Where I crossed into Mexicali Mexico. Just a two hour drive from there to San Filipe. It really is incredable how the desert changes as you approch the Sea of Cortez. so far I have paid my fee for a one month stay here. Ocean Front spot with all hook-ups for only 10,000 pesos (about 500 bucks) or around 16 bucks a day. The ocean is very warm here about 26C. During the day it is around 33 degrees, quit hot but the breeze off the ocean keeps it pleasant. I haven't had to turn on the air conditioning in the trailer yet.

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