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What day is it anyway?

Started off the last two days thinking it was Friday. Oh well. Starting to know my way around town and where to go to get things. Found a bank machine at the Naval base that ony charges 18 pesos for you to take out up to 7000 pesos. 18 pesos is about $1.20 Cdn. I can live with that. I have found a great fruit and vegtable stand that has beautiful stuff for a lot less then the Calimax food store chain. Also there is a french Canadian that has a cheese and fresh baked bread store along with a yoga and massage place. He has great sour dough bread. Today walked the Malacon (beach boardwalk) for the first time. So many food stands and places to eat.

The beach. Shot off the Malacon. Tonight I went out with a bunch of people I've met. They took me to a restaraunt/bar only a few blocks from the Club De Pesco where I'm staying. Had a blast. 5 beers for 125 pesos which works out to about 1.25 Cdn per beer. Cheap night out!

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